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he range of professional duties of a doctor depends on the chosen specialty, but both therapists and surgeons should: Examine and interview the patient. Establish a preliminary diagnosis. Send the patient to the necessary laboratory and instrumental studies. Make a final diagnosis. Prescribe treatment or refer the patient to a narrow specialist.

l during the course of therapy or to carry out surgical treatment. Supervise the patient all the time he is in the hospital or on outpatient treatment. Record all observations in the medical record, issue sick leave certificates. When discharging, give recommendations on further treatment and prevention of complications. Register a patient if he has a chronic disease or track his condition if he is at risk.

A doctor is one of the few professions in which one must go exclusively by vocation. In addition, the doctor cannot do without such personal qualities as: sharp mind and ability to analyze; good memory; the ability to make decisions quickly and take responsibility for their consequences; stress tolerance; humanity and compassion for a person's pain; tact; the ability to find a common language with the patient and his loved ones; patience and endurance.

To become a doctor and a respected specialist, one must have altruistic inclinations. The need for medical care does not follow a strict schedule - often you will have to sacrifice personal time and plans. At the same time, the profession of a doctor has such significant disadvantages as.

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